How to Tell if a Martial Arts Instructor Is Qualified

By Rory W. (Used with permission)

Choosing a school with good teachers is a crucial element in your martial arts training. Here are a few ways to determine the quality of instruction.

1. Ask permission first and then watch the instructors demonstrate techniques. Do they correct any incorrect techniques students perform?
2. Determine the level of discipline used. Are they too lenient, just right or too severe?
3. Assess the extent instructors encourage respect for partners and opponents during drills and practice.
4. Identify how often instructors ask for student feedback. Are they open to suggestions and innovative practices within a structured curriculum?
5. Check with other students to share examples of good and bad instruction.
6. Ask the head instructor how the school's teachers are chosen. What qualifications do they have? Are they promoted in an accredited organization?
7. Assessing student progress. Have instructors provided clear direction when asked? Have they encouraged short and long-term goals for each class?

Good instructors model the same values they expect from you.
Classes and tests should be open for observation. Legitimate instructors will not object to requests to observe from prospective students. It is important to see how each of these activities are conducted when considering an instructor.
Remember that no one is perfect and no one knows everything. There will be many instructors that are still learning, so you need to give them a chance.

A warning:
The practice of martial arts can be potentially dangerous, so use caution. It would be good to consult a physician before beginning any exercise regimen.

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